WP Connect

Remote maintenance solutions for Weighpack packaging lines.

With WP Connect your packaging business is always in the reach of online help from Weighpack.

Weighpack can diagnose the packaging line and tell the operator what to do in case of problems , or to correct errors at the same time. This is facilitated by the remote maintenance system from Weighpack.

The total process of the packaging line can be recorded on a continuous base with WP connect. These records are being analysed in a detailed report and could help the Weighpack engineer to track down which action has led to the error in the packaging process. With this information we can guide your operator to solving the problem or identifying the problem to find a temporary solution.  All from remote distance.

Using WP Connect the total packaging line can be monitored with a desktop PC on remote distance by Weighpack service engineers. Your factory does not need any special program or VPN connection. WP Connect has a self-standing VPN connection that is automatically working when connected to the internet. This VPN connection is preventing problems with connections through firewalls, so always easy access. With WP Connect there is an access point via HTTPS which is connected to the remote maintenance portal. A platform which ensures its independency and reliability. Together with WP Connect, Weighpack can simply log-in via user ID and password to the WP connect box and log-in to your system.