Linear weighing machines for heavy and long product.

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Automatic weighing counting machine with high speed vibratory feed system with bulk and fine product flow. Digital electronic controls for cut-off and final weight. Mounted on heavy duty framework.

Machine characteristics of the following parameters:

• capacity: up to 6-8 discharges/min.

• 2-tray feed system between 230 mm and 400 mm wide. also other sizes are available.

• incorporated adjustable fine feed finger with bulk tray.

• pre-weigh under primary tray for consistent product flow.

• weight range: from 10 to 35.000 g. depending on machine model.

• resolution external +/- 1 g., internal +/- 0,1 g. • self-check facility to avoid underweight.

• vibratory speed control by digital setting.

• 500 codes to memorise machine setting.