Box closer for 4 flaps boxes

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Suitable to fold the top case flaps and close them with tape.
Unique features of this machine includes full interlocked guarding, heavy duty, resilient side belts and a tape monitoring system.

Machine features:

  • Automatic, pneumatic, flapclosing system.
  • Metal top tape-unit, which has a open tape feed path. This unit is suitable for max. 50 mm. wide tape; the flap length is 60 mm. , and can be adjusted (non-recurrent) to 40 mm.
    This unit is swing mounted i.b.o. appliance of overfilled cases.
  • Stainless steel deadplate for case-bottom support.
  • Four-fold side-pressure rollers for jointless closing of the upper case-flaps.
  • Gripbelt-units on a ball-bearing system.
  • Mechanic switch for the flapclosing system (hammer), which will be adjusted
    automatically in combination with the width-adjustment .
  • Easy and quick height- & width-adjustment by means of a hand wheel with spindle, positioned on outfeed-level.
  • In frame integrated electrical cabinet.
  • PLC-controlled, make Siemens.
  • Pneumatic system, make Festo.
  • Control panel integrated in the frame.
  • Completely guarded with two sliding windows (incl. infeed guarding
  • Tape-monitoring system [ (nearly) out of tape ; tape broken ot tape not sticked].

Case-dimensions (L x B x H):

  • Min. 200 x 115 x 85 mm.
  • Max.  600 x 500 x 600 mm.


Capacity: The belt speed is 20 meters per minute. The capacity depends on the case-length.