Lifting and Tipping Solutions

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Weighpack lifting and tipping units


The process of packing starts with the supply of the bulk product into the main bunker/hoper. This is the point where the separation/dosing process begins. With this process the products falls into several stages of dosing trays. To achieve this the need of gravity is necessary and therefore starting the process from a certain height. The use of a lift or tip unit is in many cases inevitable.

The Weighpack series LU lifting and tipping are designed to safely elevate and tip product into bulk storage hoppers. Lift and tip units from Weighpack are specially designed for the variety in containers that are being used in the industry. Weighpack can also design and manufactured container holding device to suit the customer’s bulk storage containers.

The Weighpack series LU lifting and tipping units are characterized by a heavy duty construction, combined with extensive safe guarding. The units are easy to operate and maintenance free. In a controlled way the LU lifting unit can tip your company container into the main hopper to avoid product damaging.The LU series lifting and tipping units are specially designed to handle low volume, heavy weight products in an industrial environment. An extra possibility is an automatic container in and out feed station to create a complete and fully automatic in feed system.