Monoctopus – Bolt inspection system

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Bolt inspection system Is A High Speed Machine Designed For 100% Sorting And   Inspection Of Ferrous Parts With Head. Detection System Non Sensible To Oil   Or Dust.


Machine Equiped With:

  • 1 Centrifugual Feeder, Inner Ø Ca. 750 Mm.
  • 1 Outfeed Conveyor Belt With Adjustable Guides.
  • 1 Roller Feedsystem, Adjustable In Widths, To Orient Bolts.
  • Mechanical Sorting Of Products Between Driven Rollers.
  • 1 Interval Feature To Feed Product In Correct Timing Depending On Size.
  • 1 Slide And 1 Coil With Digital “Ec Detect System”.

Sort parameters:

  • Thread.
  • Pitch And Number Of Threads.
  • Diameters, Tapers (Angle).
  • Lengths (Shank, Overall).
  • Thread Length.
  • Head Height.
  • Radius.
  • Heat Treatment.
  • Cracks In Shaft Or Head.
  • Missing Thread.
  • Diameter Differences.
  • Length Differences.