Product inspection machines

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High speed Product Inspection machines for 100% sorting and inspection of ferrous parts with head. Detection system non sensible to oil or dust.

The new Weighpack Monoctopus inspection and packing system is designed for 100% fully automatic quality control and packing of bolts.

Up to 4 camera’s can be used to inspect the complete shape of the part. Geometrical measurement is performed in a continuous flow PROCESS. therefore speeds up to 200 parts per minute can be obtained. Vision inspection can inspect tolerances up to 0,05 mm depending on camera and objective used.

Product inspection machine equiped with:

  • 1 centrifugual feeder, inner ø ca. 750 mm.
  • 1 outfeed conveyor belt with adjustable guides.
  • 1 roller feedsystem, adjustable in widths, to orient bolts.
  • mechanical sorting of products between driven rollers.
  • 1 interval feature to feed product in correct timing depending on size.
  • 1 slide and 1 coil with digital “”ec detect system””.

Product inspection machine features:

  • 1 reject unit for faulty parts rejects.
  • 1 adjustable counting unit to count product into container.
  • all contact parts are lined to avoid thread damage.
  • heavy duty chassis with quick interchangeable slides.
  • self teaching controls with memory.
  • computer to control single channel monoctopus system.