Weighpack recently supplied a tailor-made packaging line to Heico Befestigungstechnik GmbH

Weighpack recently supplied a tailor-made packaging line to Heico Befestigungstechnik GmbH

The packaging line configuration starts at the infeed of the products were a Lift & Tip Unit with 1.000 kg capacity empties internal bins in the main Storage Hopper. Before to introduce the product bin in the Lift & Tip Unit, the operator makes a scan of the barcode of the product guiding letter to initiate the central control PC, that herewith will recognize the introduction of a new- or running batch order and all other relevant information like product type, packing type, quantity per pack, VDA label information and pallet stacking.

From the Lift & Tip Unit the products are stored in a 1.200 kg capacity Vibratory Hopper. Through a special Vibratory Pre-weigh Tray, the products are steamed to feed the 14-Head Combination Weigher, which can generate a product flow up to 120 kg/minute. The product portions, created by the Multi-Head Combination Weigher, are transported by choice to the box- or the bag filling position.

Depending on the desired type of packing, the system activates the Automatic Case Erector to supply American cases or the Automatic De-stacker for plastic boxes in case of KLT packing. By choose, the products can be wrapped in VCI (corrosion inhibitor foil) before to pack in KLT- or boxes.

Before introducing the KLT- or boxes into the system, the empty boxes are checked by a Vision Camera System to check the condition and labeling position of the KLT returnable. The vision system will recognize contamination from alien parts, contamination from water or oil, deformation or damage and correct position of the label slot.

In case the KLT box faces the wrong labeling position, the boxes will automatically be turned 180 degrees to face the correct labeling position again.

If requested by the end-user an Anti-corrosion Paper Sheet Dispenser can be activated to apply an anti-corrosion paper sheet at the bottom of the empty KLT box and apply another one on the top of the filled KLT boxes.

The integrated Horizontal Bag Maker is especially designed of the packing of low volume, high weight products. Its main advantage is the very low filling height, that avoids a long product fall and limits the building height of the entire packaging line. The products can be wrapped in standard Polyethylene Foil or using VCI (corrosion inhibitor foil) before to pack in KLT- or boxes.

A Bag-in-box Filling Position is foreseen to pack the products in bags first and subsequently place them in the KLT boxes or the American cases (for oversea packing).

After the filling, the boxes pass by a check weigh station to check the correct filling; boxes out of tolerance are rejected onto a roller conveyor.

In the next section of the line, the KLT boxes are automatically covered by a closing lid to avoid any product mix or contamination during the transport to the end customer. If packed in American Cases, the automatic Tape Closer is activated to fold and tape the boxes from the top.

The sealed and closed KLT or boxes are foreseen from a VDA/Odette/AIAG label by two Print and Apply Systems. The print information has automatically been generated from a .csv file received from the Heico ERP system after scanning the barcode of the product guiding letter at product introduction.
The KLT’s are tagged by an automatic labeling system, that uses an endless roll of paper to print, cut and place the label cards in the desired KLT label slot.
The American cases are tagged by an automatic labeling system, that uses self-adhesive labels to print and apply the label on one side of the box.

The new developed palletizer is especially designed to handle KLT boxes and low-volume-high-weight boxes. The new design ensures the stable and reliable stacking and nesting of the plastic boxes used in the automotive industry. The capacity up to 18 heavy weight boxes per minute with five different box sizes and four different pallet sizes.

To enable the run of small batches, the line is equiped with a Central Control Unit with Overall Management System and interaction with customers’ ERP system. This system enables the automatic take over of ERP based information to be loaded in the machine parameters by the use of CSV/XML export- and import files. The import files will set receipt parameters like – article no., batch no., packing type, no. of packs to produce, pallet type, no. of boxes on the pallet, all relevant label information, etc.