Weighpack introduces WP Connect

Weighpack introduces WP Connect

New Weighpack packing lines for packaging of technical products are supplied with the new WP-Connect feature. There is also the possibility to build the WP-Connect into existing machines.
The WP-Connect feature allows the machine to connect with the Weighpack server in The Netherlands. It can also connect with back-up operators and service engineers in case of machine problems or machine stoppages. The internet connection with the control box of the Weighpack machine allows distance fault finding as well as easy updating of software programs or new features.

The total process of the packaging line can be recorded on a continuous base with WP-Connect. These records are being analysed in a detailed report and could help the Weighpack engineer to track down which action has led to the error in the packaging process. With this information we can guide your operator to solving the problem or identifying the problem to find a temporary solution. All from remote distance.

WP-Connect brings your packaging business:
• WP-Connect easy remote maintenance.
• Quick support in problem solving.
• Reducing downtime to a minimum.
• Reducing loss of production time and costs.
• Avoiding unnecessary service visits.
• Access to your packaging line PLC for diagnosing.
• Does not depend on analogue telephone line connection.
• More reliable/faster connection with WP-Connect.
• Log book of errors providing valuable data for Weighpack service engineer.
• Weighpack can update your software from a distance when changes are necessary.

• No special client program.
• No necessary applications.
• No special VPN (virtual private network) or certificate required within your business.
• Easy to install.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Weighpack sales department for further information.