Multiple packaging lines for Don Quichotte

Multiple packaging lines for Don Quichotte

Over the last decades Weighpack has supplied multiple packaging lines to customers all over the world, but only a few for their home market.

It is an unique situation, that currently Weighpack is finishing 2 high speed multi-head packing lines for their customer Don Quichotte in The Netherlands.

Don Quichotte requested Weighpack the extension of their packaging capacity and the complete renewal of their packaging department. The result of which is the build of 3 high speed packing lines. The first machine was delivered already earlier this year.

Although Don Quichotte is famous for their hardened nails, the machines are designed for the packaging of a large variety of fasteners like nails, screws, clamps, raw plugs, hammer plugs, etc.

The packaging line configuration incorporates a lift & tip unit to empty the internal bin at higher level, 14 head multi-head weigher, automatic box forming for Autolock boxes, magnetic orientator to align (carbon steel) fasteners in boxes, check weigher, camera box filling height detection, box closer, 3 label applicators for different private label applications and bundle shrink wrapper for multi-pack formation in Poly film.

The Weighpack high speed packing lines are supplied with central control unit by PC using an Overall Management System software allowing the customer to obtain all relevant article and production data. Also it allows the shortest possible changeover times by the use of the OMS system in combination with Servo motor adjusted side guides for 27 different box sizes.

Boxes can be labelled on several positions of the boxes, following the customers wishes; with up-to-date barcoded content on the label to obtain a high standard of quality.

With a capacity of 30- 1 kg boxes per minute the system allows  the customer to pack up to 14 tons/shift in small boxes.