The inspection, dosing and packaging systems are a vital link between production and storage or transport. At Weighpack our systems are designed to fit smoothly into your current production processes. Not only do your current production volumes denote what type of packaging system you require, but also your future ones. With this in mind Weighpack designs flexible systems, which can grow with your own needs.


The accuracy in dosing strongly affects the amount of packaging achieved. Besides the better packaging efficiency, accurate dosing increases the quality of the packing in the perception of the end user. Weighpack aims to achieve the highest accuracy possible, which is guaranteed by the extended testing of each packaging system. If required an independent check weigher can be used to guarantee 100% dosing accuracy. If the required target weight is not achieved, the package will be rejected. After the package has been corrected, it can be fed back into the system by hand.

PC Control

Weighpack packaging systems can be operated from a single control unit. This is because all of the individual processes are software integrated (Windows NT). Although each unit has its own control system for service purposes enabling the operator to isolate individual units. The main control unit is user friendly and a simple display controls the whole system or single unit. This unit can also be linked to a PC to enable a barcode reader to control the system. The PC can also be linked to your computer or ERP system to achieve complete integration.

No product damage during packaging

Weighpack has dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort in developing solutions to control the flow of product and avoiding product damage. As a result of this the highest standards of product protection are achieved, as the products pass through the inspection and packaging systems.

Product contamination

Suppliers to the automotive industry are confronted with the need for high standards of quality and purity of products. In order to meet these increasing standards Weighpack has developed several systems to avoid product contamination. Manual, mechanical and software based checks are used to assure, that the system is completely free of product from the previous batch. These checks have to be completed before the next batch of products can be fed into the system.

Change-over times

Because the packaging of technical components nowadays requires short runs of product and fast change-over times, Weighpack packaging systems are operated from a central control point. Because of this, changeover to another product is rapid and easy to do. Changing over to another product requires the entering of some simple commands into the control unit and it is complete within a minute. The length of the change-over time strongly effects the output and efficiency of the system. The unique Weighpack Logic-SM control system drastically reduces change-over times saving the customer valuable time and money.


Below you will find some helpful tips on how to improve your output. The set-up of a packaging line should enable the product to move around the system in a logical and efficient way.

1. To keep the flow of product running, there should be sufficient operation/maintenance space.

2. To avoid malfunction, use the cartons and glue recommended by Weighpack. Check these

products on receipt and exercise care during storage and internal transportation.

3. Subscribe to a maintenance contract to ensure.

4. Minimize your change-over times with a central control unit.